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After Quiet Minds

Forget the Stigma. Enjoy the Stability!

Living with bipolar disorder can be a nightmare at times. The feeling of complete loneliness and isolation often times can make the fight to get through those highs and lows of a central nervous disorder almost unbearable.

No one, it seems, understands your pain of manic depression. No one understands the darkness associated with depression. No one understands the racing thoughts that torment you within a manic episode.

Finally, after you have weathered the storm and you reach stabilization, you out of the darkness and able to bask in the sun once again. But then you come to another hurdle – the stigma of society. Mental illness, including bipolar disorder & general anxiety disorder, while discussed more openly now than in past years, is still looked upon with hesitation and judgmental eyes.

This can be all the more painful because it often feels as if the focus is misplaced. Instead of celebrating the victory, and recognizing the stress which you have fought through to get to this point in your life, those of us with mental illness are often forced to defend ourselves for the actions and behavior during our worst bipolar extremes...


Kassidi's Story

During the week of her sixteenth birthday, Kassidi suffered a severe case of chicken pox. Within seven weeks she experienced dramatic mental and behavioral attitudinal declines. Over that time a smart and extraordinary girl become openly rebellious, often our of control, seldom sleeping and emotionally explosive. At other times she was despondent and suicidal. She attended school intermittently and when it struck her mood to do so. She began to live away from home, moving from the home of one friend to another until she had worn-out all of her welcomes. She started smoking, then drinking and finally she began using street drugs. She became sexually active and promiscuous. When she did attend school, she was constantly placed under discipline for tardiness, absenteeism and non-productivity. Upon the advice of a psychiatrist who was treating her, she was institutionalized through a family intervention.


Brandon's Story

I would just like to say thank you for making the medications available, it had been a life-changing experience.

I know that you understand the impact of the vitamins, after seeing the results first hand, but after dealing with the disease I have nothing but the utmost respect for you, as well as overwhelming thanks after what you have indirectly done for my life. With that said, it is time for the testimonial part.

My name is Brandon Appelhans. When bipolar first came to impact me, I was in ninth grade. I came home on a day in September to find that my Uncle was struck into a depression by a disease that he had called bipolar. it was not long before the full impact of the disease was felt. He had nothing left, and as measure of offering, my parents offered to move him up to Colorado and let him live in our house. The idea that I had the same gene that my uncle did never crossed my mind. He moved out a few months later, in about February after getting some of the help he needed, but we were not done with the disease.


Helful Resources

Take a look at some books and other helpful resouces on depression and bi-polar.

Athelets That Insipre Us

By Rodney Ohebsion

Healing Depression & Bipolar Disorder Without Drugs

By Gracelyn Guyol