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What is Quiet Minds?

Hear what Quiet Minds is all about from CEO Ned Bishop.

What is QuietMinds?

QuietMinds is a unique nutritional supplement containing both vitamins, plant and collodial minerals and amino acids. QuietMinds makes no claims about the QuietMinds Nutritional Supplements product in regard to its ability to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness or disease, but for certain individuals with CNSD, it has made a substantial difference.

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Why the name "QuietMinds?"

Many people who suffer the horrors of manic depression and other central nervous system disorders (CNSD's) describe being agonizingly caught in the midst of a violent emotional storm. Kassidi repeatedly portrayed her deep and depressive states as being caught with a hurricane with the potential for a greater and ever-increasing onslaught. This concept weighed heavily on the mind of her father, Ned. As he began his quest to find relief for his daughter, Kassidi, and wife, Elaine, he recalled one of Robert Lewis Stevenson's early works, entitled, "An Inland Voyage." Stevenson wrote, "Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened, but go in fortune or misfortune at their own private pace, like a clock during a thunderstorm." It captured in words Ned's dream of an orthomolecular formula that might provide his wife and daughter relief from these conditions. It offered solace, the one thing he hoped for most.
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What is Orthomolecular Treatment?

The term Orthomolecular describes the practice of preventing and treating disease by providing the body with optimal amounts of substances that are natural to the body (such as vitamins and minerals as an example). The term was first used by Nobel Prize Laureate Linus Pauling, PhD in a paper written he wrote for the journal Science in 1968. In that paper, Pauling experimented and explored his results in affecting brain function in a positive way by adjusting vitamins and enzymes.

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Why Did QuietMinds Evolve Into The Company That It Is?

Frustrated by the lack of consistent benefits and scared by the horrendous side effects of the typical pharmaceutical remedies typically prescribed to treat bipolar disorder, Ned was seeking to find a vitamin/mineral nutritional supplement central nervous system disorders. Alarmed by the business direction being taken by medically-unqualified entrepreneurs, Ned began Quiet Minds in order to provide a long term solution for his wife and daughter. In stark contrast to others who were developing and testing such formulas, QuietMinds adopted a different philosophy. It was based upon the belief that only the highest quality ingredients and the most professional, capable laboratories were acceptable in the production and packaging of QuietMinds. The result has been a continuously growing reputation for quality.

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Why doesn't QuietMinds use Metallic Minerals?

Of the mineral sources that are available today, no single source contains more than 10 or 15 separate minerals. This is because most of the Earth's minerals are derived from available sea-beds, clay or ground-up rock.

Metallic minerals are extremely hard to digest. Numerous nutritional studies conclude that less than 8% of pure metallic minerals can be assimilated into the human body. Even when metallic minerals are chelated (a process in which the minerals are wrapped with amino acids or protein in an attempt to fool the body into metabolizing the minerals) the body will assimilate no more than 40% of the minerals ingested.

Low absorption occurs because the hydrochloric acid concentrated in the stomach is not sufficient to dissolve metals within the short 15-21 hour digestive sequence. That is the basis for the postulation that at least 92% of most metallic mineral supplements simply pass through the intestines unused!

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Why Does QuietMinds Use Plant Based Minerals?

The term Plant Mineral creates confusion, even for some nutritional experts. Clearly, plants do not manufacture minerals, so what makes them so different? Plants do not produce minerals, but they do absorb them, where then plant minerals are assimilated (or pre-digested) by the plant. Consequently, plant minerals similar to those obtained from spinach, broccoli, potatoes, oranges and tomatoes are different from metallic minerals. Since the plants have processed them, the minerals contained in the plants are more readily absorbable when the plants are subsequently eaten by humans. In fact, food chemistry has established that plant minerals, which may be several thousand times smaller than the smallest metallic minerals, are 100% absorbable because of their pre-digestion.

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How Does Quiet Minds Acquire Their Plant Material?

QuietMinds plant minerals are obtained from an area where nature created a huge cache of rich plant matter nearly 70 million years ago. Scientists believe that a glacier caused mammoth Earth movements that resulted in the entrapment of massive quantities of vegetative growth which was placed under tremendous pressure.
Today, through controlled leaching with pure cold water, these ancient deposits are now yielding unadulterated plant minerals that are the nutritional foundation for QuietMinds Nutritional Supplements.

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Is QuietMinds A Cure For CNSD - Central Nervous System Disorders?

No. Hundreds of people diagnosed with CNSD report that they have been stabilized as a result of regular dosages of nutritional supplements like those found in the QuietMinds formula. Testimonials from all over the world report favorable responses to regular and continued use of the nutritional supplements. Specifically, Kassidi Bishop Cladis and her mother, Elaine consider the supplements "absolutely essential" in maintaining their wellness. The doctors and psychiatrists for both ladies have confirmed their conclusive stability from diagnosed Bipolar Affective Disorder.

However, in accordance with the regulations of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) QuietMinds, LLC emphatically states, "This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease," Furthermore, the FDA has not evaluated any statements made within this website or anywhere else regarding the QuietMinds Nutritional Supplements and their effect on any illness.

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What Does "Orthomolecular" Mean?

The word orthomolecular, a term coined by Dr. Linus Pauling, winner of the 1954 Nobel Prize in Chemistry and the 1962 Nobel Peace Prize, the word is derived from the Greek root "ortho" (meaning correct or right) and molecule, which is the simplest structure that displays the characteristics of a compound. It is the right molecule.
Later Dr. Pauling subsequently broadened his original definition with the addition of "the presentation of good health and the treatment of disease by varying the concentration in the human body of substances that are normally present in the body."

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If QuietMinds Helps Other Disorders, Why Does Your Website Continually Refer to Bipolar Disorder?

The use of QuietMinds has been reported to be a significant benefit for hundreds of customers who have become stabilized from suffering many other Central Nervous System Disorders (CNSD), particularly ADD and ADHD in both children and adults. However, our personal experience is in the stabilization of Kassidi Bishop Cladis and Elaine Bishop who were both diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder. Since our personal experience has been with bipolar, we naturally associate the two together.

However, we make no claims. If you choose to try QuietMinds Nutritional Supplements and are equally successful, we would love to hear about your success.

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Do I Need A Doctor?

QuietMinds believes in and supports medical practitioners! It is a sad reality, however, that some psychiatrists have yet to embrace the orthomolecular approach to psychiatric medicine. Author Gracelyn Guyol in her wonderful book, Healing Depression and Bipolar Disorder Without Drugs, offers this advice, "Find another doctor!"

Recognizing that existing pharmaceutical treatments frequently fail to provide stabilization without undesirable side effects, they are demonstrating an exciting openness to and learning more about orthomolecular options for the mental disorders. Through a comprehensive analysis of the QuietMinds formula and the quality of the ingredients, initial skepticism typically gives way to acceptance and professional support of the QuietMinds Nutritional Supplements. With this growing awareness and support within the medical community, more and more physicians are stepping forward buoying up the role of vitamins and/or minerals in the treatment of illness, drawing on years of research and doctor experience.

As evidenced in many other areas of healthcare, patients are taking charge of their own wellness. So don't be afraid to ask for . . . and expect , your doctor's cooperation.

Should I Continue With My Prescribed Psychiatric Medication While Using QuietMinds?

Do not reduce or discontinue any medication without the supervision of a physician. While we have hundreds who report stability while following the QuietMinds dosage protocol, note that Kassidi and Elaine were both under the care of at least one psychiatrist, along with on-going consultations with their personal physicians.

We can not and will not provide medical advice. The decision to continue, reduce or discontinue any medication should be made by you, with the help and guidance of your personal physician.

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What Is The Theory Behind QuietMinds?

We are convinced that what you eat and drink is largely responsible for your health. This conclusion is the result of years spent studying the research of hundreds of medical theorists, biochemists, and other medical authorities. We have some to understand that hrough genetic deficiencies, improper diet, or the physical inability of the body to properly process and utilize nutrients (usually a combination of these conditions) the brain does not function properly. Nutritional insufficiency leads to dysfunction of the brain, manifesting as a variety of disorders including bipolar disorder, ADD, ADHD, anxiety and a host of others.

We believe that correcting nutritional insufficiency is important for anyone who eats a typical western diet, but such nutritional corrections are absolutely critical for those suffering with bipolar disorder (BPD) and other central nervous system disorders (CNSD.) While it appears that the result of nutritional deficiency may never be "cured" or fully reversed, (this seems to be the case for both Kassidi and Elaine), nutritional deficiencies can be met through ongoing and consistent supplementation. We believe that, as long as correct supplementation is continued, the debilitating effects of bipolar disorder do not exist. The testimony of Kassidi and Elaine support this belief.


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How Do I Start on QuietMinds?

Print out our "Supplemental Facts," It is found in the EVALUATE section of this website. The QuietMinds formula is very rich; therefore, to avoid any abdominal distress, we urge you to gradually increase the dosage.

We recommend the following protocol (which should be communicated to your personal physician): Start with one or two capsules (1-2), four times per day. Every third day (if you have had no noticeable abdominal discomfort) add one (1) capsule per dose. Continue in this manner until you are taking eight (8) capsules per dose, four times per day (total 32 capsules per day.) This level is referred to as the Loading Dose. Maintain this dosage level until you can clearly explain to those around you a definable difference in the way you feel and process day-to- day problems. Often this difference is expressed as a clearing of the mind . . . or "parting of the fog." This generally occurs sometime within the first 180 days following the beginning the full Loading Dose phase. Because many people report results much sooner, you must be the judge.

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What Is the Recommended Dose of QuietMinds After Stabilization?

Approximately, two weeks following your sense of clarity, we suggest that you begin to wean off the Loading Dose. Be sure to consult with your physician before reducing the dosage.

Simply reverse the process described above: Reduce the full Loading Dose by one (1) capsule each dose for a period of three (3) days. Then reduce the dosage by one (1) capsule, again for a period of three days. In 12-15 days you should arrive at a dosage of four (4) capsules four times per day, the Maintenance Dose. This dosage meets the optimum level for the majority of those who have followed the QuietMinds protocol.

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How Long Before I Feel Stability?

Everyone is different. Nobody has reported responding as quickly as Kassidi, who recognized a "lifting of the fog" or "calming of the storm" within seven days! Elaine, her mother, followed the 32-capsule regimen (8 capsules/4 times per day) for a little over six weeks before she experienced similar noticeable difference. The majority of our QuietMinds users report an identifiable difference in 6 – 12 weeks. However, you should plan your budget and expectations based upon 180 days (6 months) at the Loading Dose level.

Remember, you did not become bio-chemically deficient overnight; in most cases, it took years. Reversing your nutritional insufficiencies is not like treating a headache. You will not be able to take two tablets and report you stability in the morning! So, be patient. Feed your mind and your body, and let them do the work.

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What's The Cost?

QuietMinds retails for $79.95 per bottle (500 capsules). At the highest level, the Loading Dose level, you will be using $5.12 worth of QuietMinds Nutritional Supplement per day. At the Loading Dose, 32 capsules per day (8 capsules, 4 times per day) you will use nearly 2 bottles (960 capsules) in a typical month. Once you are at the Maintenance Level, you will use about one bottle per month, or about $2.56 per day.

This amount is very small compared to the overall costs of bipolar, and the benefits can be immense, especially on intangible costs such as relationships, and overall productivity.

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How Long To Receive My Order Of QuietMinds?

We try very hard to be quick and responsive in processing orders. Most orders shipped to addresses within the "Lower 48" will arrive within 10-14 days.

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If I Take The QuietMinds Nutritional Supplements, Should I Take Other Vitamins?

It is largely not necessary, though supplements may help (see the recommended additions below). In fact, we have been told by many customers that the modest cost of the QuietMinds regimen has been substantially offset by eliminating the various other vitamins and minerals that they were previously taking. Most people find that the richness of the QuietMinds formula eliminates the need for other vitamin and mineral supplements. As always, discuss any changes you may be considering with your physician.

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What Are The Side Effects From Taking QuietMinds?

We are reminded of the whimsical response given by Dr. Abam Hoffer to a similar question several years ago, "You're going to live longer. Is that a problem for you?" Some people (less than 15% of those reporting) develop minor abdominal distress, with a third of those (about 5% overall) experiencing periods of diarrhea.

Almost everyone following the QuietMinds protocol reports a softening of the stool and an increase in the frequency of bowel movements.

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Doesn't QuietMinds Exceed The RDA (The U.S. Recommended Daily Allowance)?>

Yes, in some instances.

In 1994, Congress passed a bill intended to ensure that consumers were provided with safe dietary supplements, e.g. vitamins, minerals and herbs. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was granted a tremendous amount of authority to regulate the dietary industry. While better than the previous Minimum Daily Allowance (MDA) the current guidelines represent recommended levels of daily consumption for a typical healthy adult. They do not, however, suggest a limit to consumption.

Interestingly, the recommended daily allowances actually vary from one government agency to another. Beyond our borders, the governments of other countries have adopted a wide range of values for the same nutrients outlined by the FDA. However, more and more nutritionists, physicians and scientists generally agree that the number one problem with vitamins is a failure to take enough of them.

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Are Vitamins Safe?

Amino acids, minerals and vitamins have an extraordinarily safe usage history in the United States. It is estimated that nearly 150 million individual doses of vitamins are consumed every day. That's about 215 billion doses per year!

In spite of widespread use consumption of vitamins, however, the American Poison Control Center's Toxic Surveillance System reported in 2004 that there were four deaths attributed to vitamin and mineral supplements in 2003. Two of those deaths were due to iron poisoning, leaving two deaths caused by vitamin ingestion, only 4out of 215 billion doses taken during that year.

During that same year, statistics indicated:
Antibiotics                    13 deaths
Antidepressants       274 deaths
Antihistimines         64 deaths
Cardiovascular drugs      162 deaths
Aspirin      59 deaths

Of course, there are other products that resulted in deaths at a level comparable to vitamins:
Granular Laundry Detergent      1 death
Baking Soda      1 death
Table Salt      1 death
Makeup Lotion      1 death

An article appearing in Healthy News, June 8, 2006 states, "Multivitamins are the safest things that anyone can take, and are even safer than drinking coffee." The report continues, "By comparison, the panel revealed that 784,000 Americans die each year from drug reactions."

To put that in perspective, drug reactions cause as many deaths every 80 seconds as vitamins do in an entire year! Dr. Erik Paterson, MD, a member of the Independent Vitamin Safety Review Panel has said, "For 33 years I have aggressively prescribed and advocated vitamins in doses vastly higher than the U.S. DRI/RDA for my family and patients. I have never seen any adverse reactions, even though I have been on the alert for them all this time." Perhaps Dr. Andrew Saul's counter question frames it best:

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"If vitamins are so dangerous, where are the bodies?"

With an additional doctorate in nutritional biochemistry, Dr. Abram Hoffer, MD stated in a media release, "Vitamin supplements are extraordinarily safe and effective. This is based upon 50 years of clinical experience without seeing any life threatening side effects and no deaths. It is drugs that are dangerous!"

What Else Do You Recommend In Addition To QuietMinds?

We suggest that you consider taking regular, consistent doses of omega-3 derived from wild cold-water fish oils. While Kassidi and Elaine, like the majority of QuietMinds customers, were not initially omega-3 users, the available research strongly supports its use and benefits. As a result of that knowledge, Kassidi and Elaine now regularly take omega-3 oils from cold water fish oils, and we recommend that all QuietMinds users do likewise.

While the precise dosage should be determined in consultation with your physician, most research suggests a starting dose of 5 grams per day. Which manufacturer to choose is the topic of discussion, but the key is selecting a product that contains the highest possible ratio of EPA to DHA. A trained specialist at your local health food store can be a great resource in identifying the best values.


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